COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols

Updated: 25-05-2021


  • As COVID-19 has impacted the modus operandi of the hospitality and tourism industry worldwide, Kambaku Lodges has introduced and implemented a set of health and safety protocols designed to protect the wellbeing of our guests while still providing for an amazing safari experience.
  • Kambaku Lodges adhere to the hospitality protocols of the Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA protocols), which are governed by the World Health Organization’s recommendations. These protocols, as they pertain to Kambaku Lodges and Kambaku At Sea, have been set out in a précised version below.
  • It is worth highlighting that South Africa has a world-class, sophisticated private healthcare system with an extensive network of private hospitals, doctors, and specialists. This should provide some comfort that expert medical care is available, if required.
  • Although not specifically related to COVID-19, we would recommend that all travelers are covered by a comprehensive travel insurance policy, including medical cover.

Training Program

Kambaku Lodges has implemented an extensive training program for all staff which includes:

  • Education about COVID-19
  • Physical training in all aspects of health & safety
  • Basic disinfection protocols
  • COVID-19 preventative measures and procedures that ensure staff with early signs of COVID-19 are promptly precluded from the workplace.
  • Advisory documents and posters are displayed throughout the camps highlighting the key COVID-19 protocols
  • What to do if a guest presents with COVID-19 signs

General Safety Measures

The health and safety protocols are detailed by department or activity below but there are some general safety measures that apply throughout the camp.

  • All guests and staff are required to wear masks in common areas and where social distancing is not possible.
  • Hand sanitizer (70 percent alcohol) and antibacterial disinfectant/wipes are available throughout the camp.
  • Each guest is temperature tested on arrival, and again every morning after game drive, in a non-invasive and safe manner. These screening and monitoring protocols are supported by the necessary contingency plans and isolation/quarantine facilities.
  • Prior to their shifts, all staff are screened, and temperature tested. All our staff have single use or partner shared accommodation in the staff village and can be self-isolated.
  • All staff reside on site at Kambaku Lodges and there is limited movement in and out of the camps except for guests and deliveries. Staff work in shifts which can be isolated in the event of a suspected COVID-19 case amongst guests or staff.
  • Safety and hygiene standards have been enhanced and checklists are completed for each department to ensure stringent controls.

Check-in, Check-out & Reception Services

  • During their room orientation guests will be asked to complete an indemnity form and a Health questionnaire form. The latter should be handed to management before the first game drive
  • Check-in and check-out times have been amended to 14h00 and 11h00 respectively to allow for the deep cleaning of rooms.
  • The staff sanitize their hands prior to and after handling guest’s luggage
  • Individual Kambaku stainless-steel water bottles will be available in guests’ rooms on arrival and can be filled with still water either from the fridge or taps in the room. They can also be filled in the main lodge area water dispenser prior to game drives, to ensure the guest has their own personal water bottle through out their stay.
  • On check-out, guests’ credit cards will only be handled by the guests and the credit card machines will be disinfected before and after every use. Gratuities can still be paid via credit card.

Housekeeping & Laundry

  • Comprehensive new cleaning measures have been introduced to safeguard against the COVID-19 virus in the housekeeping department.
  • All rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before the arrival of each guest.
  • Items which are not easily cleanable have been removed from guests’ rooms including notepads, magazines, spa menus, and incidental non-essential décor items
  • Guests’ rooms are serviced and fully sanitized each morning. An evening turn-down service is included unless camp management is specifically instructed to omit this by the guest.
  • Guests’ laundry will only be done if it can be machine washed at high temperatures. No more handwashing of delicate items will take place
  • Kambaku Lodges has long ago phased out single use plastics to reduce our carbon footprint. Therefore all our room amenities such as shampoo, conditioner, bodywash and body lotion are available in 500ml glass bottles with a pump action dispenser. This allows for single use during guest’s stay, and complete disinfection of bottles after checkout. These will be disinfected before each guest’s arrival in camp and during the morning room service. A bottle of disinfectant / sanitizer is available in each room for guests to use.
  • Linen and towels will be changed every 3 days unless otherwise requested. Mattress protectors and pillow protectors are mandatory in our rooms and will be changed, together with the duvet inner between each set of guests.
  • Mini bars are still stocked on arrival. However please note that all items are wiped down and sanitized prior to each new guest arrival.
  • Tea and coffee stations will be thoroughly sanitized before and during the guests’ stay with individual sachets available. Sealed milk pods are available in each fridge as is purified water in sanitized glass bottles.
  • Air conditioning remotes, insect proof window screens and windows will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between each guest’s stay. Natural cross ventilation is available in each room and we encourage our guests to keep windows and doors open to ensure maximum ventilation.

Catering & Meals

  • All our Brunch and dinner venues are either extremely well ventilated on the decks, or under the stars. All venues are ideal for social distancing and allow 2- meter spacing between tables.
  • Self-service buffets are still available however 1 dedicated staff member is available to handle all the service
  • True to Kambaku style menus are presented in a single frame so no contact is necessary.
  • Tables, chairs, placemats, and condiments are sanitized before and after every meal.
  • All chefs, cooks and assistants are trained on safe food preparation and service practices.
  • A full and comprehensive cleaning and sanitizing protocol within the kitchen has also been put in place.


  • Access to the bars will be limited to the number of guests that can be safely accommodated with 2-metre social distancing between parties.
  • Bar staff have been trained to assist guests away from the bar, so that congestion is avoided
  • The common areas in both our camps are relatively large and open and can accommodate all parties in camp being at least 2 meters from one another.

Game Drives

  • The number of guests on game drive vehicles will be limited to a maximum of 6 guests per open safari vehicle. Families of more than 6 guests will still be accommodated on one vehicle up to a max of 8 people.
  • Guests are allocated to a specific ranger and vehicle.
  • The front seat of each game drive vehicle should remain empty to ensure the correct social distancing between ranger and guest.
  • Morning coffee stops and evening sundowner stops will be available, but snacks will be packed in individual sealed tiffin tins / sealed bags for each guest group.
  • Game drive vehicles will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each game drive and between each set of guests.
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant will be available on each game drive vehicle. We encourage guests to bring their own binoculars and reference books.


  • Our spa therapists have been trained in the necessary health and safety protocols for a safe massage.
  • The treatment rooms are disinfected after every use, and used alternatively to allow for time between massages for ventilation.


  • Use of the gym is available and limited to a maximum of 4 guests at any one time.
  • The windows are permanently open to allow for maximum ventilation.
  • The Gym is sanitized regular throughout the day, and sanitizer is available in the gym
  • Towels are available for guest use and a towel drop basket is available for used.
  • Towels are washed in high temperature washes immediately after use.

Swimming Pool

  • The pool loungers and umbrellas will be spaced correctly with a 2-metre distance between parties travelling together.
  • Sanitizer is available at the pool area, and a towel drop basket will be provided for dirty towels.
  • The swimming pool area will be serviced by a staff member who will sanitize all pool loungers and umbrellas after each guest use.

Curio Shop

  • Only 6 guests will be permitted into the curio shop at Kambaku Lodges at any one time.
  • Guests will not be able to fit clothes prior to purchase.
  • The curio shop will be thoroughly sanitized every morning.
  • The curio shop has a no cash policy and all purchases will be charged to the guests’ rooms to be settled on check-out.

Kambaku Kubs program

  • All our Kubs are provided with their packs on their bed on arrival.
  • All possible items in the packs that can be sanitized will have been, and the program does not require them to share items.

Guest Transfers

  • All transfers are outsourced to an independent contractor. However we have it on good authority that all their vehicles are thoroughly disinfected and sanitized
  • prior to transferring guests
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are available on all transfer vehicles.
  • Drivers will  carry sanitizer enabling them to sanitize their hands before touching guests’ luggage. Alcohol wipes will be used to disinfect luggage handles.


  • A standard operating procedure for the delivery of goods to Kambaku Lodges has been sent to all suppliers and delivery companies so their staff are aware of the safety procedures in place.
  • All delivered items are thoroughly disinfected on off-loading.

Isolation & Quarantine Facilities

  • Our staff are familiar with the procedures to be followed in the event of a suspected COVID-19 case.
  • An isolation suite with an en-suite bathroom and a deck area is available.
  • Our Chief Medical Officer will provide any interventions necessary and ensure the affected guests are well cared for pending transport to the appropriate medical care facility.
  • The nearest private hospital is situated in Nelspruit, a 3- hour road transfer from the camps. Medical service providers will provide the necessary transport. Regretfully we cannot accommodate guests who are confirmed COVID-19 positive and guests will have to depart from our premises as soon as the test results are confirmed.


We recognize the severity of the COVID-19 virus and the risk that it poses to our guests and staff. We have therefore introduced a stringent set of measures to protect the health and safety of our guests and staff and to mitigate the risk of contracting the virus.

Any questions pertaining to specific protocol can be requested via email.

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