Walking Safaris

Walking safaris are still the truest and purest form of safari and the very origin of the word itself.
Walking allows one to experience nature on its own terms and from its own perspective.
A true walking safari encompasses all the facets of nature both big and small, allowing one to appreciate it at its best and the true cycle of life.
From sampling wild fruits to becoming a dung expert, under the watchful eye of an experienced guide a mere termite mound can be transformed into a world of absolute wonder and amazement.

At Kambaku we believe in honouring the true essence of a walking safari and dedicate 3-4 hrs to exploring the wild.
These generally take place in the early hours of the morning replacing your normal morning game drive.
Guided walks can either depart directly from camp or after a short drive to an appropriate walking area.
Hats/caps, sunscreen, neutral coloured clothing and closed shoes are a must with binoculars and cameras being a nice addition.

Your guide will be equipped with a walking stick also referred to as a rifle, back pack containing a support radio, medical kit, water and a snack for a little energy along the way.

For a really true natural guided experience nothing beats a well conducted walking safari.