Welcome to Kambaku Safari Lodge- a bastion of Africa’s living heritage

Happiness is a place- and that place is Kambaku Safari Lodge. This gorgeous safari experience nestles in the Timbavati Nature Reserve, the heartland of South Africa’s Big Five. Here you’ll find majestic wildlife, tranquil surroundings and one of the best family orientated safari lodges in the Kruger Park. Skip the crowds, enjoy the experience and live- the Kambaku way.

A four-star, family friendly game lodge in the Kruger Park

They say our most memorable moments are those we share, and that’s the root philosophy that powers Kambaku Safari Lodge. You’ll often see sites caution that safaris are difficult to experience with the whole family, but we know they are wrong! A safari is the perfect family adventure. What are our children, other than the future custodians of our rich biological heritage?

Experience the Kambaku difference for yourself. Allow the joys of the African bushveld to unfold around you as our skilled rangers uncover the secrets of the Timbavati Game Reserve for you. Hyena, wild dogs, hippos and, of course, the Big 5 all play in this idyllic environment, guaranteeing a spectacular safari experience no matter where you roam.

At Kambaku Safari Lodge, we believe in family adventures. With a dedicated children’s program to charm the young ones, they’ll have a chance to become certified junior rangers by the end of your experience, setting them up for a lifetime of eco-conscious fun. Kambaku is your home-from-home, a place of African hospitality and the spirit of community. Happiness is a place, and that place is Kambaku.

The magic of Timbavati Game Reserve

Timbavati Private Game Reserve, part of the greater reserve chain in the Kruger Park area, was founded on the principles of preserving this pristine landscape for later generations. With slow, ecologically sound efforts, an area once suffering the beginning blight of man’s intrusion into wildlife zones has been allowed to flourish in its natural ecological glory, making Timbavati one of the few areas of ‘pristine wild’. Many diverse and rare wildlife species can be found here, along with the iconic Big 5. In the early ‘90s, fences between Timbavati and the Kruger Reserve were removed, further encouraging natural migration patterns for the animals.  Experience the very best Africa has to offer, in a location that’s become synonymous with safari.

Kambaku Safari Lodge offers an unsurpassed wildlife experience for the entire family. Every day is your perfect chance to experience travel at its most transformative in one of the most mesmerizing landscapes in the world. We are proud to offer some of the best family-friendly accommodation in the Greater Kruger Park area, all livened with the magic touch of our hospitable staff and gorgeous location. Live the Kambaku way- you’ll never choose any other.

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