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2021 in Photos | Kambaku Lodges Timbavati Nature Reserve

Family Travel to South Africa

We may be biased but we think South Africa is an incredible family destination. There is so much to see…
A Safari in South Africa | Kambaku Lodges

Safari in South Africa

When is the best time to travel to South Africa for a safari holiday? There really is no right or…
Travelling to South Africa | Kambaku Lodges Timbavati Nature Reserve

Travelling to South Africa : What You Need to Know

South Africa is a beautiful country to visit, there is so much diversity - from the beautiful oceans of the…
2021 in Photos | Kambaku Lodges Timbavati Nature Reserve

2021 In Photos

A look back at 2021 in photos!
Bird of the Year | Cape Rockjumper

Bird of the Year 2021: Cape Rockjumper

The Cape Rockjumper was chosen, by BirdLife South Africa as the Bird of the Year 2021. The main goal of…

Kambaku@Sea Wins Prestigious Awards

"Before you, the mountains. Behind you, the forest. On this expanse of forty hectares, our boutique hotel waits to envelop…
Kambaku Lodges are Covid Travel Ready

Kambaku Lodges are Covid Travel Ready

The world is opening for travel again and we are so excited! We know that COVID-19 is still very much…

The Elephants of the Timbavati

Elephants are a huge part of life at Kambaku Lodges. They spend a lot of time using our swimming pool…
The Lions of the Timbavati | Kambaku Lodges

The Lions of the Timbavati

Lions in South Africa Lions used to naturally occur all throughout South Africa but due mainly to hunting and other…

World Ranger Day

Today we are celebrating World Ranger Day. There are an estimated 100,000 reserves, parks and protected areas around the world,…

Happy National Bee Day !

National Bee Day coincides with the birthday of Anton Jansa, a Slovenian born in 1734 and widely recognized as the…

Multi-generational Travel opportunities at Kambaku!

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is how quickly things can change.  We have all experienced the loss of…
kids on Safari

Kids on Safari – an unbelievable experience.

Living the vast majority of your adult life, meeting your life partner and raising your two kids all in the…

Fantastic Ways to be a Responsible Tourist at Kambaku Lodges

Responsible, eco-conscious tourism is a buzz world you’ll hear a lot. It also sounds like a drag, right? Wrong! Being…

5 Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know You Needed to Know About the South African Bird of the Year 2020

South Africa’s Bird of the Year for 2020 is the Southern Ground-hornbill. This may be the very first time you’re…

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