South Africa is a beautiful country to visit, there is so much diversity – from the beautiful oceans of the Western Cape to the bushveld of Mpumalanga to the bustling city of Johannesburg. You can plan the adventure of a lifetime while travelling South Africa. 

English is Widely Understood

South Africa has 11 official languages including English and it is the most widely spoken and understood language across the country. If you can communicate in English, even as your second language, you will be easily understood. 

South Africa is Large

South Africa is a large country – roughly double size of France. You won’t be able to explore it in a week – in fact, you may need a few trips to really experience everything that South Africa has to offer. When you are planning your trip decide what type of holiday you would like and which cities you would like to see. At Kambaku Lodges, we can help you plan your trip to make sure you get the most out of your time in South Africa. 

South Africa Has What You Need

When you land at any one of South Africa’s international airports, you will notice similarities to airports around the world. You will find shopping malls and familiar retail outlets all over the country. This means if you need electronics, toiletries or clothing, you will easily find them. 

Budget Travel is Easy in South Africa

The South African Rand is the monetary unit used in South Africa and you will find that food and accommodation are very affordable – even luxury accommodation can be enjoyed at a reasonable price. You will also find a diverse selection of restaurants in South Africa including fine dining to markets.

It is Safe if You Are Aware

South Africa is a tourist-friendly, but it is important to stay aware and look after your belongings especially when travelling through larger, busy cities as pickpockets and scammers will try their luck. 

Rent A Car

While South Africa has a pretty decent transport system, it does not have a great public transport system. Renting a car is the best way to explore the country, especially if you are exploring different cities. A road trip through South Africa is an adventure in itself. That said you will find ridesharing services in the major cities and the Gautrain runs through Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Water is Safe to Drink

When you are in the bigger cities of South Africa, the water is safe to drink. It is advisable to check with the smaller towns whether or not you drink the water.