When is the best time to travel to South Africa for a safari holiday?

There really is no right or wrong time to travel. The Timbavati really is beautiful all year round (but we might be biased).

If you spotting wildlife is your main focus, then winter (June to September) is ideal. During winter the bush is less dense as most of the trees and shrubs have lost their leaves, so spotting animals is a little easier.

Summer in South Africa (December to February) is when the bush is at its most dense and lush which makes seeing animals a little more challenging but not impossible, especially when you have an experienced tracker.

What to pack when going on safari in South Africa? 

  • Lightweight, cool, and comfortable clothes made of a natural, “breathable” fabric.
  • A hat, sunglasses and sunscreen – even in the winter months.
  • Walking shoes.
  • Binoculars
  • Camera and accessories
  • Lip balm and insect repellent

What is the best time for a game drive?

While the wildlife of the Timbavati don’t stick to a schedule, generally the best time for a game drive is in the early morning.

So be prepared for a few early mornings during your stay with Kambaku, but we promise that the early mornings will, without a doubt, be worth it.

Be Open-Minded

A safari in South Africa is never predictable.

If you are visiting for the time, be open-minded and flexible.

You might see all of the big 5 in one drive but you also might be out for a few hours and spot some impala.

While we do our best to show you the best of the Timbavati, sometimes the animals have other ideas. Sometimes it is equally special to shift focus from the big animals to the smaller, but equally special animals like the abundance of birds.

Game Drive Etiquette

Game viewing is one of the biggest reasons you visit the bush which makes game drives the highlight of each day.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you are on your daily game drives.

  • Do not stand up in the game drive vehicle.
  • Do not hang over the side of the vehicle.
  • Do not call, whistle or throw things at the animals in an attempt to get them to react.
  • Noise level on the vehicle is to be kept to a minimum, this is for the benefit of both the animals and any other vehicles.
  • Never hang out of the vehicle while it is moving.
  • Respect the environment you are in.

Expect the unexpected. 

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