We may be biased but we think South Africa is an incredible family destination. There is so much to see and do as a family in South Africa that it will take a few trips for you to really experience it all.

South Africans are a very family friendly nation so you will not be wanting to find activities for the kids to see and do during your stay. From the world-class beaches of the Western Cape to the nature reserves spread across the country, your children will not utter the words “I am bored.”

There are a few other reasons why South Africa needs to be on your family travel bucket list.

1. Travel from Europe means not jetlag

The time difference between Europe and South Africa is an hour in winter and 2 hours in summer which means that there is no jetlag. This is a big consideration when travelling with children – it means no tired or cranky kids and no time spent trying to adjust, you can land and start enjoying everything South Africa has to offer…

2. The list of family friendly activities is endless

South Africans enjoy a lot of time outdoors because the weather is fantastic pretty much all year round. Even the winters are mild and outdoor activities are still popular. There are incredible beaches running along the entire coast of South Africa, perfect to enjoy some beach time. Hiking can also be enjoyed across the country with trails available suitable for all ages. And of course, no family trip to South Africa is complete without a visit to one of the countries nature reserves, like the Timbavati Nature Reserve. All of the reserves in South Africa cater for children and many have swimming pools and other family-friendly activities. Kambaku Lodges offer visiting children the option to join Kambaku Kubs where they can learn more about the flora and fauna of the area.

3. There are malaria free options

If you are visiting South Africa as a family to enjoy a safari holiday it is possible to avoid malaria areas. The Timbavati Nature Reserve is a low-risk malaria area but lodges in the Western and Eastern Capes are also malaria free.

4. South Africa is a budget friendly

The exchange rates make travel to South Africa really affordable, especially when travelling as a family. Accommodation, even luxury accommodation, like Kambaku River Sands is reasonably priced when you consider the exchange rate and eating out is also very affordable. This makes South Africa very attractive as a family friendly holiday destination.

5. Escape the cold

If you want to escape the icy, snowy winters of the Northern Hemisphere then South Africa is perfect. If you are looking to head to South Africa, the best time weather wise is between November and March but if you are heading on safari, then you can visit at any time of the year, the winters in South Africa are relatively mild. The reason this is a benefit to families travelling means you can pack light and avoid thick jackets and boots.

6. South Africa has a diverse landscape

The flora and fauna of South Africa is so diverse, you can expose your family to a range of different types of topography. The coastline is spectacular and has an abundance of birdlife, the mountain ranges of the Drakensberg, Blyde River Canyon and God’s Window are breath-taking, the Karoo dessert has more to often than you might think.

7. World class beaches

Nothing says family holiday like a beach holiday, right? South Africa has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world for you to choose from. Camps Bay in Cape Town is one of the most popular beaches and it is definitely spectacular, even if the water is a little cold. The beaches along the Garden Route are quieter than the main beaches but just as stunning.

8. There is a great selection of world class food.

South Africans enjoy good food which means you will find a wide range of different types of cuisines, ranging from fresh from the ocean seafood to traditional South African meals like pap and wors. You will not have to look hard for family-friendly restaurants, most wine farms are accommodating of children, and many have special alcohol-free tastings for children. Even if you are travelling with the fussiest of eaters, you will find meals easily for them when travelling as a family to South Africa.

9. South Africa are a friendly people

When you travel to South Africa with your children you will find the people very welcoming and accommodating of children. South Africans in general appreciate tourists and as such are very friendly to tourists.

10. English is the main language

South Africa has 11 official languages, but English is the most widely spoken which means that communication is fairly easy. Travelling to a country where you understand the language does make it a little easier when you have children with you.

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