Living the vast majority of your adult life, meeting your life partner and raising your two kids all in the bush, somehow gives this lifestyle a new meaning. An alternative perspective and an unrelenting passion for your environment and all that co-exists within it. It was the culmination of all these events and celebrations that coerced us towards something more – a yearning to share the splendid wonders of the natural environment with genuine thought and passion. Something you are continuously reminded of and get the opportunity to reappreciate when experiencing it through the eyes of your own children. Kids on safari show us their amazement and wonder that we as grown ups too often take for granted or simply overlook.

Back to Basics

Seeing through the eyes of our children became the basis of our Kambaku Kubs Program. The program became a means by which to impart an vast amount of information in an interactive and fun way. This also opened an avenue into the developing minds of our future generations in the hope that in some way and by some means they may be gently reminded of the importance of sustainability. The understanding of co-existence, and ultimately the importance of our natural world not only for its sake but for that of their own too became the main principles.

Our hope is that every child who gets to experience the Kambaku Kubs Program takes from it a genuine care and passion for the natural environment. This combined with substance, strong integrity and a quest to share the knowledge gained in an ultimate bid not to repeat the many selfish mistakes of previous and current generations.

Kids on safari

The Kambaku Kubs Program can loosely be compared to a bush version of cub, scouts or brownies. Shared are the same driving forces of creativity, love of the outdoors, self-realization and the ability to test one’s self and newly acquired knowledge. Broken up over the length of your stay, the program is not only designed to educate, but also tests your child’s ability within the various facets of this amazing environment. This all whilst working through interactive manuals and participating in fun, practical activities under the watchful eyes of professional guides with years of experience, knowledge, and passion to share. Each field of achievement be it orientation, crafts, identification, making moulds and so forth, receives a merit badge of achievement. This ultimately leads to the awarding of a junior ranger certificate adorned with the various merit badges achieved.

kids on Safari
Kids on safari

Parents can relax

With a program that has a little for everyone embraced in an environment of such natural beauty and abundance, we are proud to be able to offer this to our guests both big and small. Not to mention that is also comes with a complimentary midday time out for weary travelling parents. Time to explore their new found surroundings including the spa, gym, pool or bar, whilst your children explore, interact and expand their minds.

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Kids on safari
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