Safaris have a reputation as kid-unfriendly experiences, but nothing could be further from the truth. Travelling on safari with the whole family can be a wonderful bonding experience, as well as giving your little ones an unsurpassed experience of the wild that many of their peers will never have. Here’s the Kambaku Lodges’ top tips for mixing kids and safaris.

Know your family

You know your family best. You know how long they can sit still, what activities interest them, and what sparks their imagination best. You also know how long their attention spans are. This means you’re perfectly placed to know what activities are going to appeal to the kids the most. If they struggle to sit still for long periods, a game drive might not be the best for them, but an active and engaging bushwalk might be the perfect vehicle to stimulate and engage them.

The best news of all is that most safari lodges in the Timbavati Game Reserve have a very structured approach to the days. This is done to ensure guests have the best possible experience, and the best chances of spotting wildlife. This same structured flow to the day, while still allowing you a little flexibility to ‘do you’, is perfect for keeping kids happy and enjoying the trip.

Picking the right lodge for you

Most Greater Kruger National Park accommodation will accept kids above 6 (or another set age), but not every game lodge makes special concessions for little ones. Those that do generally advertise themselves as ‘family-friendly’. So picking the right match is key when travelling with a family. If you have older teens, almost any destination will serve you well. For younger kids, opt for a family-friendly game lodge that will have activities geared for kids already on the roster. Often, there will also be kiddie-friendly infrastructure like rooms or playgrounds at these lodges, too.

The Kambaku Lodges’ have fully family-friendly options, and we offer a full kids program to help enrich and entertain the youngest members of your family.

Safari activities your kids will enjoy

Not only does Kambaku Safari Lodge come with a playroom, pool and variety of on-sight and in-house kiddies activities to keep young minds entertained, but we’ve specially tailored some safari activities for the young ones, too. After all, the thrill of the hunt and kill that enraptured many adult visitors isn’t necessarily what your kids will enjoy. That said, however, do be aware that game drives take place in the theatre of nature, and your guide can’t control the natural rhythms of the wild. If you opt to take older children on a game drive with you, please be sure it’s an activity that they will enjoy. We do also offer a childminding service for those of you who don’t think game drives and other activities suitable for your littlest family members.

They certainly won’t have time to get bored! Kids can learn to make a bow or katty, how to identify and take casts of animal spoor (footprints), go frogging and birding with our knowledgeable experts, grasp the basics of tracking through dung spitting, learn more about the diverse insect world and even a little about traditional jewelry making! For kids more orientated towards exploring the natural world and nature conservation, we also have an exciting star talk and the opportunity for them to join us as a Junior Ranger for the day.

Africa is for everyone

Old or young, there’s so much to be gained from a Kruger National Park safari lodge experience. Awaken a passion for life and the outdoors in your children, and let the many joys of a family safari experience help you strengthen the bonds of love and life you share. Safari travel with a family can be one of the most enriching experiences you’ll ever have, so don’t be afraid to talk to the Kambaku Lodges team about your family today.